Saturday, February 27, 2010

New Ideas

I have a new idea for another book that could turn into a series. Again, I'm working on a project that takes me back through history. What's up with that? At least this time it's not ancient history, only about 300-400 years instead of 3000. The research is great. I'm learning things that give me insight into my life today.

Looking at the culture of then explains some of my culture now. This is so fascinating! I can't wait to tell you what all I find. I'm really excited about this new idea. I haven't decided on the plot, yet, but when I do you can count on it being action-packed and having to do with my culture.

I've got to get back to the research end of this. C'ya.

Monday, February 15, 2010

The Gaps in Life

Yesterday I was sitting in one of the critique groups a belong to. We were discussing the differences in age related thought. It struck me as funny that each of us belong to several different groups, those formed by age, economics, or profession. Then there a the separators of region, politics, and faith. I have to remember to keep all of this in mind to create rich characters.

Today I'm working on a story with a 12 year-old male protagonist. What helps me some is remembering my brother at that age, but what helps the most is watching boys at sports meets or in the mall, wherever they congregate. Boy thought is very different from girl thought. Their actions tend to be larger than those of girls, although it does appear to be changing some.

What is the most interesting to me is watching the 'mating dance'. Male and female alike have a need for the other to see them as attractive and neither wants the other to know that they know they're being watched. Then the fun begins.

The guys become more masculine and cool (they don't use that word so much anymore). Making a point of making sure the intended girls is watching is very cool behavior and conversation. And when he works the nerve up to approach her, he puts on an air of extreme confidence. It's really fun to watch.

Come to I think it, that's the same at every age.  I guess we don't really change so much. Kids still need to be different, especially using clothes, speech, and the shock factor to set them apart from adults. For me it was Afro's, mini-skirts, and lots of color. Today it's emo, skinny jeans, and the color isn't so much on the clothes now it's in the hair.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.